BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer with Valet Drawer – Real Glass Top, Adjustable Tray, Metal Hinge, Carbon Fiber Design – 12 Slots Watch Storage Case for Men, Black SSH02C

  • First rate QUALITY and Tasteful LOOK: Produced using quality finished dark carbon fiber cover, great creases, refined inside, smooth genuine pivot, transparent genuine glass top, this very much fabricated watch box is solid as well as exquisite. The dark tone and smooth plan can match the dresser impeccably. Your man should be extremely cheerful while getting such a pleasant present at birthday or Christmas
  • WATCH and Adornments COMBO CASE: The principal layer offers 12 segments to hold your watches, and the watch holders can be taken out on the off chance that you want upper level space for different things. The base cabinet gives extra capacity to additional groups, rings, wristbands, tie cuts, sleeve buttons and other adornments frill. What’s more, the 3 fundamental cases for the second layer can be consolidated unreservedly for showing the adornments
  • Great Pads and FIT FOR Different WATCH STYLES AND SIZE: Made of excellent PU and wipe pads, indeformable and delicate, safeguard your watches from residue, clammy and shock impeccably. The adaptable squares are sufficiently huge to accommodate men’s goliath wrists, yet in addition adequately flexible to oblige ladies’ daintier gems assuming need be. The size for each watch opening is 3.5″L x 1.7″W
  • Solid METAL Pivot and ONE HAND Simple OPEN Clasp: There is a strong metal pivot support rather material lace which assists with keeping the top set open. You can open and close it in seconds with one gave activity, exceptionally advantageous and no tedious
  • Helpful Enormous Transparent GLASS WINDOW: Do you generally hide your watch assortment in a cabinet or just let them lounge around on work areas all over? Have you felt disappointed to look through the entirety of your place to find the watch you need to wear? This watch box, with genuine glass window, is capable so that you might be able to see all the watches in the case and assist you with choosing rapidly which watch to wear. It will show all your watches in a helpful, in vogue and clear way
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